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    D3 Comic Book Spot CollectiblesGet your comic book action figures and other collectibles from D3 COMIC BOOK SPOT, based in Richmond, California. You'll find everything from statuettes to model kits.

    Action Figures

    Find all you've ever wanted in action figures and collectibles from Star Wars™, Transformers™, G.I. Joe®, Marvel, DC, and other great figures.

    Inventory is consistently updated so there will always be something new for you. All action figures are sealed and mailed in original packaging.

    Add to Your Collection

    Collectibles include statuettes, replicas, model kits, key chains, and other great items. Each item is relevant to specific characters. Model kits feature both equipment and vehicles. Some are built based on characters from comics or movie monsters.

    Contact our online comic book store to find the treasures you've been seeking.