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    D3 Comic Book Spot Comics

    D3 COMIC BOOK SPOT, based in Richmond, California, is the only place to shop for comics and graphic

    novels for all ages. Contact us about our stock of goodies.


    Comic Books

    Our special features are from Marvel™, DC Comics™, and Dark Horse™. Gain access to every comic available through the companies' catalogs, including current and back issues. Ultimately, our website will feature previews of cover images for your viewing pleasure. Check out our special feature: a weekly release of the first few pages of currently available comics.


    Prices are all listed below the cover images, including the name of the comic, and issue numbers. Price includes the comic book itself plus shipping and handling. Orders are processed right away and shipped direct from 
    the distributor.

    Graphic Novels

    These are double-size comic books, with complete storylines featured. Images and descriptions are provided from the distributor.